Interactive Aesthetic Curve Segments

Aesthetic curves are now called log-aesthetic curves.

Norimasa Yoshida and Takafumi Saito, Interactive Aesthetic Curve Segments, The Visual Computer (Pacific Graphics), Vol. 22, No.9-11, pp.896-905, 2006.

Abstract: To meet highly aesthetic requirements in industrial design and styling, we propose a new category of aesthetic curve segments. To achieve these aesthetic requirements, we use curves whose logarithmic curvature histograms(LCH) are represented by straight lines. We call such curves aesthetic curves. We identify the overall shapes of aesthetic curves depending on the slope of LCH $\alpha$, by imposing specific constraints to the general formula of aesthetic curves. For interactive control, we propose a novel method for drawing an aesthetic curve segment by specifying two endpoints and their tangent vectors. We clarify several characteristics of aesthetic curve segments.


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The family of log-aesthetic curves clarified in our paper.